Peter Vargas… livin’ and lovin’ La Cruz!


If only I could make a living so I can live in paradise! I’ve heard that sentiment stated in so many ways since we moved here and created a business. There truly are so many ways to achieve both; Work + Life in La Cruz = Paradise or as many say… Livin’ the dream. Peter Vargas did just that… here’s his story:


Peter (Pedro) Vargas was born in Apatzingán, Michaocan, Mexico but he lived in San Pedro, California most of his life. He moved to La Cruz six years ago when clients of his were asking him to come down here because there were no riggers in the bay (Bay of Banderas). They were also telling him they didn’t trust others to do the work they needed on their boats. Now, for excellent work on your boat; rigging, welding, bottom paint, fiberglass and so much more… Sea Tek opened their first Mexican office at the Marina Riviera Nayarit shipyard in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.


Peter comes from a large family; two brothers and four sisters who live around the US; one sister, Katrina who lives here in La Cruz and works at the Marina Riviera Nayarit. His mother lives in LA. He worked for Sea Tek USA for 30 years before being given the opportunity to buy the company. What he enjoys most about his ‘job’ is that everyday presents new problems to be solved, never the same routine. He says, “I’ve always worked on boats!”


When asked his specialty he answered… “ Rigging, standing and running, although we do just about everything else on boats, too! Pedro tells me that business has been good and now that they are a well established company there are many rewards especially meeting great people, I have many friends that were (are) clients. When we haul a boat out of the water it is generally beat up and it’s a good feeling when we see it going back into the water all pretty and beautiful not to mention it’s functioning properly! Of course, there are stressful moments like when parts don’t arrive and then we miss deadlines or when things are not happening according to my plan but that’s all part of it. He says most of his clients are from Canada and USA but he’s also had some from Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and abroad.


When asked what inspires him he first said money, haha, love the honesty! Peter says “Money, at the end of the day we do this for money, to have a better lifestyle. As rewarding as it is to help people, create friendships and as much as I enjoy my work I do it for money. I used to race sailboats in San Pedro and the Long beach area. I used to surf when I was young and beautiful, haha… and fish but lately I haven’t had the time to be out on the water even though I have a 20 foot panga boat, just no time to enjoy it. I cook carne asada on weekends, for special occasions, birthday parties, etc. I won’t give you the recipe though, if I did I’d have to kill you, just kidding!”


One of the ‘special occasions’ Pedro makes his carne asada is for ‘splash’ parties. A splash party is when the boat Sea Tek has been working on is complete and is about to be ‘splashed back into the water’, Peter and his team throw a party. When Janabanana was complete I was invited to that party, so fun and indeed I want that recipe!


Peter Vargas, Sea Tek, La Cruz, Rigging, Villa Amor Del Mar


Peter Vargas, Sea Tek, La Cruz, Rigging, Villa Amor Del Mar

Peter Vargas, Sea Tek, La Cruz, Rigging, Villa Amor Del Mar


Peter Vargas, Sea Tek, La Cruz, Rigging, Villa Amor Del Mar


Peter did a masterful job on the Janabanana. I will always have him do my work when in Mexico. Great Guy! Good “Splash Parties” as well. David Goodhead. Captain Janabana


We were very blessed that when David and Jan Goodhead needed the help of Sea Tek and Peter Vargas and his team that they stayed with us at Villa Amor Del Mar. They’ve become forever friends and I thank them for so much… including most of the photos in this article.


Peter Vargas, Sea Tek, La Cruz, Rigging, Villa Amor Del Mar



He likes the biggest change to La Cruz, the world class Marina, which as he says “I like it a lot, it keeps bread on the table!”


Peter’s favourite quote:


If you don’t have time to do it right the first time when would you have time to do it over?


He’s proudest that “I started as a janitor with Sea Tek and now I own the company. I’m proud to have a wonderful family with three great kids that I wouldn’t trade for the world.”


I wish for Pedro, his staff, his family and all the great people of La Cruz that his wish for the future of La Cruz comes true. “To keep money flowing so that everybody in town has a little more than they have now.”


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A great video by another happy client of Peter Vargas and crew… tap here.



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