The Fine Print

Ours is an adult* environment; pets are excluded
The property is smoke-free; ashtrays and a seating area are available on the beachfront seawall.
We request “mellow time” between around 10 pm and 10 am. This is not about absolute silence, yet it respects you and/or your fellow guests’ “early to bed” or “sleep-in-late” vacation tendencies and recognizes the impact of varied time zone changes.

*over 18 yrs old. If the entire inn (5 guestrooms and Casa) is booked by a single group, this restriction may be waived. Please inquire in advance.

Visitor policy

In order to maintain privacy for our guests, only registered guests are admitted. Visitors (friends of guests) are not allowed without prior approval by management. This policy is strictly enforced. Thank you for your cooperation.